The Parents

The Parents of the PC’s are all from the campaign “The Vale” or From the “Encyclopedia Yggdraversica ”. The Vale is an “alternate” Amber (though don’t tell the folks from the Vale that. they will belt you)with the Princes of Amber being Princess’s of the Vale. And the “gods” of the area being shadows of the “real” Amber royalty.

Slot 1:Zenobia (npc)

Prince Deter and Noi’fei ’s child: (Think of Diedra marrying Fiona) (slap! not that hard…)

Slot 2: Ludimilla (npc)

Princess Chance and her husband Silas’s child: (Chance is Random of course. Silas is Valle.)

Slot 3: Rook

Princess Brandy and Seraph Tal-Madge ’s child: (Brandy is Brand of course. Only with humanity and in love.)

Slot 4:Jasper Roberts and his Twin sister Jewel ( hopefully PC’s someday)

Princess Renette and Adam Roberts ’s child: (Think Luke marrying Ben Roth)

Slot 5: Arthur (NPC)

Nilarem and Princess Morgaine ’s child: (Think Merlin marrying Merlin)

Slot 6: Piper (Jennifer)

Li’Marolf and Prince Florin ’s child (Think Floramil marrying Floramil…yum)

Slot 7: Pat ( npc)

Chosovi and Colin’s Child

Slot 8:Zarurra

Eden, Truth and George Mychaels ’s Child

Slot 9: Alana

Eden, Truth and George Mychaels ’s Child ,Twin of Below

Slot 10: Knox (npc)

Eden, Truth and George Mychaels ’s Child , Twin of Above

Slot 11:Conner Maelstrom

Mystery background (With high powered buisness witch mom!)

Slot 12: Dr. Troutman

Mystery background (With druggy/rock groupy mom!)

The Parents

Red Headed league Florimel