Six feet tall and with striking red hair, Fox looks like a cross between an amazon warrior and a suppermodel. She most often wears bluejeans, with sneakers, and a solid red T-shirt. When trying to put forth a professional apearance, she wears a bright blue buisness suit and matching mini-skirt and high heals. She also wears an artifact known as Orion’s Clasp. It is a gold necklace with a large star-saphire gem encased in a golden frame that resembles a slightly lidded eye.

Fox possesses The Privilege of Passage through The Myst of Atlantis through her foster mother Shion. 2 pts.


Biological Age: 38

Leagal age on ‘earth’: 21

Raised on the earth in The Burl as the daughter of the human buisnessman Renard Zanton and his wife Anistasia. Anistasia left Renard when Jeanine was too young to remember her. When Renard died of cancer shortly after her 21st birthday, one of her “busness asociates” by the name of Clair De’Lune shockingly informed her that she, Claire, was a goddess, one of the 8 sisters of the moon (she was The Waning Gibbous), and that Jeanine was actualy a budding young goddess herself. By way of proof, Claire took the young woman to Atlantis to be fostered under her sister Shion, The Waning Cresent Moon. The trip made a believer out of Jeanene, and for the past six years she has been studing diligently under Shion so that she may take her palce as the Goddess of the Stars. Never having liked her mortal name, she has discarded it completly, and instead uses the name of her totem spirt, the fox, untill such time as she can discover her “true name,” the one she is meant to hold through eternity as the Goddess of the Stars. Originaly she believed herself to be a demigod, decendant of a mortal man (Renard) and a goddess who used the alias of Anastasia for her relationship with him. In reality, Anastasia is a shadow human like Renard, and they adopted Fox. Fox discovered this when Avandra /Sparrow decided to drop all of the sordid details surrounding Fox’s birth on her all at once1. Now she has to go and deal with these somewhat disturbing revelations, and somehow straighten out the tangled mess her blood ‘mother’ has left in her wake…

For a more in-depth acount of Fox’s background, see the adventure log: The Trials and Tribulations of a Demigoddess

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