The Royals of Amber

(editors note: Since the assassination of King Huntington by Alleya, Amber is now ruled by Julius and some of the notes below are no longer valid. Clarification: Legion & Christopher are all that remain. All of the others are either dead or banished. Click on their individual links to see their current status.)

Amber is currently ruled by King Huntington of Amber who assumed the Throne after ousting Oliver, The bastard from his near 300 year occupation of the One True City. He is aided by those who Helped him free Amber from the “Troubles”

Alleya, Princess of Amber Beloved by the populace and hailed as a healer and teacher for the common folk.

Legion, Prince of Amber He is the Spy master of the King. Known for his magical prowess and the fact that it is said that a word is not uttered in Amber without Legion hearing it eventually.

Ian, Prince of Amber Is in charge of Protecting the King and the royal household. He is a acknowledged military genius. And both designed and is in charge of the giant mobile statues that guard the castle proper and those knights that pilot them.

Trevor, Guardian of the Jewel of Judgement A strange man in a strange position. the Jewel of Judgement, the mark of rulership, “likes” Trevor better than King Huntington. So this quiet man is most often communing with the Pattern and often speaks in prophecies.

Rivian, Prince of Amber Is known as the most handsome of the current Princes. He works with Alleya often in the city of Amber, and is in charge of all police functions in the city.

Christopher, Prince of Amber is in charge of the actual army and navy of Amber and is often engaged in small border conflicts with the Bandit kingdom of Arden and the oft fractious kingdoms of the golden circle.

The Royals of Amber

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