Red Headed league

Down the Rabbit Hole...
A ranger's take on the whole damned thing...

All I wanted was an answer. Simple really. A gift for my father and family. B/C my father was missing his memories. I received a message that would either proved to be untrue and at least let me further hone my skills or would actually help me attain that which my father was missing. Maybe this is the thing I’ve been destined to do. But alas I have to first go to Earth…there are parts of the world that are truly remarkable but for the most part it is a polluted place and everyone hides behind some sort of facade. To exacerbate the situation down there I’m the daughter of a movie star…which by earth standards makes me a daughter of a god. I much prefer the forest and the night and the moon and her shadows but for father I would do just about anything. Then mother says I have to take my little sister along. Curses…its not that she’s a child or inept its just this trip may become dangerous and easier to worry about saving just Darix’s & mine’s hide than hers & Artax too. But that was the deal so I made it. We went the meeting place…Detroit of all places and met with a woman. I could tell immediately that she was different like we were as was her companion, a man well in a space fighter suit. Then more people were gathered by the same woman. And we were all “different”, I was beginning to fear a trap, that some foul thing wanted to lure deitic progeny into harm to hurt the deities themselves. Then she turned into a pixie…I should have known. She claimed we were all cousins of a sort…then its turned out I was the one who held the key to our traveling to the place where we would all find that which we sought. Curiouser & curiouser…So down the rabbit hole we went. To a cave with a crazy old man. Was this the guardian she was suppose to distract so we could leave. I above most know that appearances can be deceptive. I had to get my sister & I out. Then when I beginning to work on separating ourselves from this strange grouping, there was a large man and a weird glowing windy maze looking thing. So I walked the path…the Pattern as it was called. And it spoke to me or something spoke to me while on it. Once again it appeared I had the key to something. “Was it time yet?” Something about undoing what I made and I evidently changed gender again and had I killed the serpent. Something I learned a long time ago just b/c something sound big and ominous in my head doesn’t mean I have to listen to it or accept its power. But then I learned that it also spoke to Alana. But to no one else in the group. Then the large man who bade us walk this tiresome Pattern well I guess teleport is the best way to describe it to another place…a room with the same Pattern upon the floor. It appeared we were in some Castle. This AMBER place was becoming less believable by the minute yet the place was the most real place I can remember visiting. Then it turns out the large man who brought us here was some long thought dead former king of the place. We met the current King Huntington. He was a most charming if trusting fool of a fellow. And I told him some of what my sister & I sought he offered to help us and after dinner led us to the library to look for references to our father. He offered to walk Alanna to our suite and I well…succumbing to a not so small jealous streak with much prodding from Darix I joined them. Not because I don’t wish my sister happiness but b/c I didn’t trust this place and well I’m too exotic looking for most so I don’t get many dates. The ones with Darix in various forms on Earth don’t count. Then the intrigue boils over, the King is murder along with one of our traveling companions. We as outsiders are immediately accused. This is where I began to see this as a test or puzzle to prove out worthiness for our answers but to complicate matters, the Emperoress’s son Julius arrives and has business with another one of our traveling companions. So shamefully I’ll admit that my cognitive processes are a bit off when I’m in his presence, I like the rugged look. Anyway I digress. So now I feel even more responsible to aid the entourage from the Tree of Life, solve the murder of the one man who truly treated me kindly since I arrived, and find the key to my father’s past.

Now we learned that someone(s) of the present Royal family are responsible for the deaths of Huntington and Colin. We have learned the brother-in-law to the Royal family is a Chaos being. We have learned that a vampire like being killed them both and that one of the Royal family members is a known companion to the undead. Aside or possibly along with this Piper (a strange woman on any account) helped Alana and I locate a journal that makes reference to our father is this is to be believed. It speaks of madness some experiment to help predict outcomes by creating all the genetic possibilities and putting them though the same paces. It also held a trump card to another Amber…I’ve postulated that this trump is either to the real Amber with the real answers or its the experiment world that may also have our answers b/c of its advanced time line…or well it could possibly be a trump trap. I feel we have almost all the pieces if only I could close my eyes separate the fact from fiction and put it together. Then Conner tromps off in search of his grandfather which leads back to plateau with the Pattern. We go to accompany him and encounter a strange beast which almost kills us all. At this point I’ll settle for my sister and our dearly loved dragon companions surviving. Ahh Darix without him I would be truly lost. He’s been a constant companion since childhood and he’s saved my life more than once but today he saved Alana’s. I do not take those who tamper with my family lightly. This Brandt fellow and I will meet again and unless some drastic new evidence comes to light it will be when I go to retrieve my arrow from his heart!

So it appears that now that we’ve talked to most of the royal family here this place is more screwed up than I originally feared and if my father is part of this mess I understand him losing his memory and starting elsewhere. Right now we’ve discovered a plot to take over the throne led by Ian and Eric. Eric is a Nazi vampire, this day just keeps getting better. Also the Lady Alleya is hiding something and I think somehow involved with either the plot or the murder or both. I just don’t like her. Then on top of everything else I had to question Julius! And not very effectively I might add. Why does nature dictate a loss of basic cognitive and occasional motor functions when around someone who we find attractive and really want to impress? And Rook and I are no longer working together b/c I gave my damned word that the vampire Elsa wouldn’t be unjustly harmed. And yes the fact she is an unnatural unholy creature that is blight on Nature itself is normally enough justification for me but alas she has information and skills that may prove helpful before this is all said and done. But Rook is a powerful ally and huge asshole but we all have our character flaws. I must also talk with Christopher, Damia, and Pax. I feel as if we have almost all the pieces including some we don’t need if I could just have a moment to figure this out.

Enter: The Kami of Endings

Journal Entry- Rook – Game One

I Am Rook. Ruler of the Violet Bier of Sorrows, known with in my pantheon as The Kami of Endings. I am responsible for the timely destruction of all things. Should something go on beyond its proper time, it creates a snag…A ripple in creation… Like a skilled surgeon, I swoop in and remove the “cancer”…The stain on creation… And creation is allowed to carry on in its beautiful form and function.

Mother came to me tonight and bade me to visit her with in her dreams. I’d never considered this type of visitation with anyone before. I am certain I am capable, but it brings to mind the question: Should I prove remarkable at dream-walking, should I continue its use? Is it like Astral projection? Where should you perish there, your body simply fades away in to death. Hmm.

While in my mother’s dream, I visited her in a room only reached through dreams. There, through the arches that surrounded and made up the room, I could see various other planes, times, and people. It was here, that I suppose my mother gets her insights in to events and people. She told to me to watch through one particular portal, and there I saw my cousin…Or one of them…Piper. She was not in a pleasant mood, as she was being berated by a man. An unremarkable man. Which, in point of fact…Makes him…Remarkable. This man was laying blame on Piper for a deed unmentioned. From the image I was left with the impression that Piper was indeed not guilty of unsaid deed, but unaware of it all together. For her “crime”, death…was the verdict.

At this time, another uncommon event took place. My mother asked me to protect Piper from this event. She bade me to go forth and seek Piper out, with the aid of one of her students…Pat… I could hardly refuse this request. I sought Pat out at once and left. I was led to many strange planes, until we reached one where Pat left me to go reach Piper. And find her, he did. Piper appeared, with her map…And together we went to an even stranger plane. There were many mortals here. The place smelled of sweat, perfume, and hormones gone rabid. Piper was engaged in a contest with a device. This device, known on this planes as a: Video Game, was called Dance Dance Revolution. What it was in revolution from was beyond me. Why Piper felt the need to contest with this machine was even further beyond me. To better understand I swept the simple minds of those around me by allowing them to gaze upon my presence. I soon discovered that, one left a score upon the machine, and others attempted to best your score by out dancing you. With a deep sigh I partook in the contest. It was pointless, for no mere mortal would ever best me in any contest. Even in a contest that I did not fully embrace. Even Piper…apparently in depth here in her element…Stood no chance of besting my score alone. Perhaps this is why she sought us to work together. As a Dance Dance duo we would be even further beyond approach. However, I have to question Piper’s logic in this. To so out distance your competition causes them to not try at all. Should she desire them to worship her dancing skills, then there are better ways to impress. She should also not have involved me.

From there we were met by another lady…Lily. She took us to a room with several other people in it. I sensed potential in all of these people. And a mind did stick out…A mind that knew that if anything went wrong…There was enough people here for some of us to make it out.

In short order I learned that everyone in the room was a cousin of mine. I was slightly filled with disgust. Am I truly the only real Kami amongst such a massive family? Why have they embraced the ways of such filthy outsiders? Bah, let them live there lives. In or out of shame…There times will be up when it is up… Perhaps they are all wallowing in the muck for a brief time.

With the time we had left, Piper went to a beach… Where again…I was drawn in to mindless contest, and exercises of balance. I believe Piper enjoys gazing upon my aptitude. Let her gaze then. Seeking my path is a path set in honor. I can think of far far lesser people for her to want to spend time with. Though she did not ask to spend this time with me. Perhaps she is making the best of the situation. Hmm.

The next day, another relative of mine took everyone to, something called The Pattern. It looked similar to The Mandala…Or…Did The Mandala look similar to The Pattern? True color. True smell. True…Reality.

As I gaze upon The Pattern, it reminds me of a dream I keep having. Where below me are living representations of this Pattern, which until now I had mistaken for The Mandala. And there was…something else. An image that pains my mind to try and keep my eye upon. It leaves me with an impression though…Something serpentine perhaps?

In this dream, I am the caretaker of these “beings”. My job was to maintain the life and death of both of them. Balance was not my domain. Sides were not my domain. Though I could sense that, beyond where we were in my dream, the two were often at odds…Even to great lengths of odds. But, here…No. There was an understanding here. So much is lost upon my waking though. I am not even sure I recall what I recall… And with my mother’s request brings another question. Am I truly dreaming that I am there with those….”beings”…Or am I only dreaming?

Perhaps both. This brings many philosophies to mind. A man’s cat….dead…and not dead…at the same type. Given that situation though, the cat must be alive. For in its death, it lacks the ability to make a decision. And with out choice…There is no situation to consider. So…Am I being asked to make a choice? Between the two? Or for the two? Am I being asked to oversee the fate of just one? Or are both asking? An educated decision is called for. And in order to do that….I need answers on the other “being”. Perhaps one of my new cousins has some information for me. I will encourage Piper to spend time around them so that I may gather information.

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