Inque looks like living ballistics gel with a trench coat, mirror shades, and bowler hat. His “skin” appears to be the color of jet black oil. He, if you must give it a gender, appears to have no vitals…No eyes, groin, heart…etc…


Inque is everyone in the show Leverage, all rolled in to one and amplified one thousand fold. His “morals” are a collection of those around him…Though self preservation always gives him the option of doing anything to survive. His favored attack is leaping while shifting to a fluid-form and pouring himself down the throats of his foes. Throats need not be readily available, he will flow and pry for any opening…Once inside, he takes a deep drink, or protrudes spikes from his body. maybe both.

Inque’s greatest asset…Fluidity. In all aspects.


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