The Talisman


The Talisman is a religious fanatic, Dark Way(force) weilder. And has used his powers to enslave 18 other powerful individuals to serve him as his “Cardinals”

His goal is to spread his version of agrarian utopia across the cosmos. Much like Pol Pot from earth he kills the intelectuals and keeps the populace uneducated and poor. “But Happy and Healthy” he would argue. The Church that worships him is the despenser of all knoweldge, and all education comes from them.

Psyche 8 Str 6 End A War 8

Powers, (and powers he shares with all the cardinals)



Reading Minds ( AT Psyche 10)

Change physical looks (For good or Ill)

“Forget” ( AT Psyche 5)

Telekinisis, (Area effect)

Making and traveling to “pocket diminsions”

All skills and perfect memory

Permanantly Sharing these powers.

Permanantly removing Powers

Full Life Support

Unlock any portal or passage

Mind Control (AT Psyche 4)


Create Items.

Create Gates.


The Talisman

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