Magdalyne (Magpie)

Magdalyne Tel'Mal'Edge


Is Rook’s younger sister and an acomplished Trump artist.

She is the daughter of Princess Brandy of the Vale and Seraph Tel’Mal’Edge She is the Queen of Amber with her husband King Malcolm and her love Queen Kaia

She has three children with the King:

Princess Divinity
Prince Altair
Princess Holy


Psyche 3
/Str A
/End A
/War A

Basic Pattern & Advanced Trump

Visions of the future

Personal Trump deck

Trump of self that gives Extrordinary psychic sense. (4 pts)

Warns of danger, and gives the “Best Possible” idea or concept for the begining of a venture.

2 pts good stuff

Magdalyne (Magpie)

Red Headed league Florimel