100 point base

30 points(construct)The Map of Desire, Now inhabited by the Ghost of Eric of Amber

Within a shadow The map can find ANYthing one desires as long as it’s within that shadow. Once it becomes marked on the map the User can fold the map and “fold” space to the object so it becomes a matter of just a few steps until the object of the users desire is found.

Across shadow the map itself grants the ability to “shadow seek” on those that can not travel shadow. In the hands of a Pattern weilder it makes “regular” shadow shifting as fast as a hellride And Doubles the speed of a hellride.

The effect is the weilder strides down a tube of what looks like fabric changing what appears to be pictures on the fabric rather than actual shadow features. All the while the map itself shows the weilder what the “best” changes are to make while shadow shifting.This also has the effect of making it VERY hard to follow the weilder through shadow.

If one is hellriding anything that attacks the weilder appears to rip through the fabric and become solid. A side effect is that anything that thus attacks can move to wherever the hell ride started or to it’s completion point with the weilder.

The map itself is constantly looking for “better” weilders to take over from the current one.

5 points “Piper’s playhouse”

A “shadow” Room where there is always a bed and food for Piper and her guests.

Basic Shadow, control of Time flow, Must use Fae stone to enter.

In addition Piper’s Fae stone has:

True sight, (contains 2 power words. Costs 2 points)

And Fae glamor, (Mold Shadow stuff. Costs 1 point)

And, Is invulnerable to weapons (Costs 4 points)

40 pts Trump painting.

2pts Trump Deck

5 pts good stuff

Psyche: Amber

Strength: Amber

End: Rank 1

Warfare: Amber


9 pts , plus exp.


Red Headed league swaragirl