Red Headed league

The Truth Come Out...

“Julius, can we talk…privately.” Zarurra asks.

((They go to a private area))

“Look I know this might be the time for this but I might not get another shot at this so here it goes. I’m not good at not being honest even if its by omission and I need to be focused and clearheaded for the road ahead. I’m not sure if you are aware of my feelings towards you. I know we both have lots of responsibilities but my mother said I should be honest with you…and she is rarely wrong. ((takes a ddep breath)) I’m violently in love with you. If you don’t feel the same way I will understand and I value your friendship and insight and I need you as an ally. I think about you more than I should and it confounds me. I’m not easily distracted. I trust very rarely…but I trust you. I feel for you even when we’re literally worlds apart. If you want we can just forget this whole speech and act like it never happened and go on with our military and state duties. But I’m also afraid now that I’ve admitted as much to you these people that we’re up against come at us through our friends and loved ones. So by admitting my feelings I may also have placed you in danger. I can’t stand the idea of anything harming you…especially b/c of me. So take this for what you will.”

Julius turns and looks at her silently for what seems to be an eternity with his clear blue eyes.

((And she waits))

And then he reaches out and takes her arm, pulling her to him, and he kisses her.

((Zarurra melts))

((after a long kiss)) “Okay so you summed that up better than I did.” ((less of a blush than normal))

“Zarurra” Julius says. ” How can I not feel anything but desire for you? “

((Julius leads her to to a table set out on the large balcony you are on under the stars))

“You are one of the most caring and noble women I have ever met. And I am drawn to the elegant simplicity of your beauty.”

((He sits her down on a chair by the table)).

” I had hesitated… showing my feelings. I had thought you would find someone… more suitable, with less of the burdensome baggage than I . But now…” ((He leans to kiss her again.)) ” Now, I can not deny what I feel in my heart. But…” ((he frowns)). “This path will not be easy. For either of us. This is a trail full of trials for you and I , My Heart.But enough of this. You have been too full of pain and doubt these past days. I can do something about that at least…”

And the King of Amber kneels at her feet.

Smiles up at Zarurra while he removes her boots.

And rubs her feet.

((Zarurra clears her throat)) ” Well now I’m completely won over and for once my brain has stopped going in a thousand different directions. I’m just still completely baffled how a simple genealogical inquiry could lead to the possible destruction of half the known universe.” ((sigh))

((He continues))

“Also I, uh, lost my train of thought. I know we could all offer the bad guys foot massages then they wouldn’t be able to fight us off. ” ((she smiles genuinely as she closes her eyes))

“So is there anything else threatening Amber or the known worlds…I need to update the big board?”

Julius says “I’m sorry…I guess I’m more concerned with us. and I suppose that actually bears on your question.” ((He finishes and comes and sits next to Zarurra and holds her hand)) ” I’m afraid that whatever we do. Whatever path we choose will have wide consequences. Like ripples form a stone dropped in water. And we to together will have that much more of an impact…”

((Then he smiles at her. And she feel his love for her)) “But I am willing to weather anything for you.” ((And he kisses her again)) “Tell me Zarrura, Tell me how you want “us” to be. How shall this particular tale bear out? And if it is in my power I shall make it so.”

((very dreamily she answers)) “Well the “us” kissing is good…

((a little more focused)) “Julius I’m a big girl I know that the dashing young King sweeping me off my feet and marrying me and having lots of beautiful little princes or princesses is probably not in the cards no matter how much I want or daydream about it. I don’t know want to cause you any problems politically or otherwise. If we were just two regular people I would say lets go make a life and family together. But you’re a King and I know there are certain expectations for a partner for you. I don’t want to be a weakness for you either. ((running her hands into the back of his hair and looking him in the eye)) But I can’t not love you…I’ve tried. It didn’t work. And looking at you now I just want you to make love to me make me forget about war and assassinations and worrying about my sister for a little while. But I’m afraid there will be no going back for either of us.”

“Is there any going back now?” He says. “I don’t want there to be.” ((He kisses you again. Harder)) “But yes … There will be difficulties. Political dificulties. But I don’t want to face them without you in my life” He smiles at you and touches his forehead to yours. ” I need a partner. An equal by my side. who will tell me the truth.”

((Zarurra looks deeply into his eyes)) “I will always tell you the truth…even when it may not be what you want to hear.((caressing his face)) I’m yours for as long as you’ll have me. ((smiling and said with a freedom she has never felt before)) I’m yours then King Julius, heart, body, mind, & soul.”



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