Red Headed league

One Mad Rant Deserves Another

An excerpt from The Tales of Fox

Most people say that Lorellai is mad, or perhaps a more accurate paraphrase would be: bat-raving nuts. But this claim merely shows a lack of understanding by the claimant. The definition of insane is one who holds to a perception contrary to physical reality. Lorellai, however, quite literally does exist in a different reality from the rest of the multivers. As a creature of the abyss, she is constantly everywhere and nowhere at once. In addition, she has somehow been stretched across the very fabric of the greater space-time continuum and linked to its flow. These two things combined give provide her with not just a different perspective of reality, but a different state of being entirely, even from other abyss creatures. When one takes into account these differences, and extrapolates her perspective, her behavior and mannerisms become comprehendible. Not that one can truly ever understand her, but one can at least comprehend the basics of what she is trying to communicate. One of the other key things to realize is that the state of existence of most of the rest of the creatures of the multivers has become incomprehensible to Lorellai herself, and half of what confuses us in her behavior is her unsuccessful attempts to interact with us on that level.

Lorellai is not mad or insane, just different and she has as much trouble interacting with the rest of creation as it does with her.

Many find Lorellai to be intimidating, or downright scary. But once again, this is due to a lack of understanding. People, regardless of their species or level of existence (mortal, immortal, deity, etc…), have a tendency to fear what they do not understand, and most people do not understand her perspective or motivations. As previously stated, while true understanding is not possible, basic comprehension is. With a little effort of thought and empathy, it is possible to understand Lorellai’s basic motivations and goals even if the finer points are beyond our comprehension. Under examination, one can see that her goals are the same as the rest of The Wardens. To protect those she cares about, and to watch over the safety and over all stability of the greater universe, especially The Burl. It is simply that her methods of doing this are as unique as her very existence, and she often can’t explain exactly what she’s doing or how she’s doing it. This, of course, tends to unnerve and frighten people. But this is unfair to her. Lorellai is neither dangerous nor unstable, and there is no more danger in being around her than there is with any other being of power. And for one who pays attention to these differences, it is equally easy to stay on her good side as it is with any other opinionated greater being.

Lorellai may be odd, but she’s not scary.

A lot of people find Lorellai to be a royal pain-in-the-ass.

They’re abso-frig’n-lutely right!



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