Red Headed league

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...

An excerpt from The Tales of Fox

After all of the diplomatic crap, the traveling hither and yon, and not forgetting the hemming and hawing, it is finally, at long last time for the wedding between Uncle Julius and Ratatosk! And a damn good thing it is too, because I can’t hold back the invasion any longer. All of the space fleets are marshaled, and it’s down to just some last minute tweaks and organizational adjustments. What interference I could mount against that isn’t worth the danger or effort it would take for me to mess with it. Amber has only a few scant hours before the hammer falls. Fortunately, the time difference(s) between Amber and The Spire work in Julius, Zarurra, and Ratatosk’s favor. There should be plenty of time for us to have the wedding and get back to Amber before the balloon goes up. So I have left The Talisman to his toys, and I have swung by The Vale to pick up Eureka so she can be the flower girl. I thought we were going to have to stop by out in shadow to find her a dress, but she said one had been prepared for her at The Spire, so I just took her to it.

However, no sooner do we arrive at the spire than who do I run into, but Rook’s sister Magdalyne, The Kami of Beginnings. Crap! Personally, I’m none too thrilled to have yet another of Rook’s close relatives at hand, but her domain over beginnings means that this wedding caries rather more significance than the base political crud that forced it at this point in the game. To put it simply, this upcoming war over the fate of Amber is really a battle between the families of Ian & Alleya and Julius & Zarurra. All of the armies and battle tactics are just noise, designed to try and mutually distract one another. While there are far reaching consequences for Amber and everyone else depending on who wins, not to mention a host of manipulators influencing things from the shadows for their own advantage, the core of the conflict still lies between these two individual families. Due to the political situation caused by all of this “noise,” Julius and Zarurra have been forced to take Ratatosk into their family. Because they have been forced to bring her in as wife to Julius, whom Zarurra loves and who loves Zarurra first and foremost, this has caused a certain amount of tension among them all to say the least. As the relationship between the three has progressed, they have all begun to become to terms with the situation and what their roles must be and what their roles can be. Originally I had felt that this wedding would simply be one more step along that path. Although they were being forced to present a very specific front to the multiverse due to politics, that didn’t really have any bearing on how they chose to arrange their bonds internally amongst themselves. As long as they could play their public roles, they still had a little bit of time to get things set between them.

Unfortunately, with the presence of The Kami of beginnings, this wedding changes from just one more link in a chain of emotional development, to the foundation of their emotional future. Which means, they have to know how they all want to collectively define their family, and they all have to be on the same page with what that is going to eventually be, even if it’s not quite there yet, right the f’ now, else the rest of their lives will get off to a very bad start. So I had to go off and find Julius, Zarurra, and Ratatosk and explain all of this to them. Julius made this easy by pulling us all together mentally. I explained this to them as best I could. I was a little nervous and flustered at the suddenness of having to do this sooner than I had anticipated, so I hope I didn’t make to bad a hash of it. Julius, at least, seemed to understand, so I left them to discuss it. From what I could sense of them later, I think they’ve managed to come to an accord and succeeded in arranging their relationships to something they can all be comfortable with eventually. They still have plenty of growing left to do in that regard, but I think that if they can keep this unity through the wedding, then Magdalyne’s presence will turn out a blessing. We’ll just have to see.

Oh, and Sparrow’s now a priestess of the Unicorn, and she’s going to be performing the marriage ceremony. When and how did that happen? I need to poke into this for a couple of reasons. One, of course, being sheer curiosity. Two, after she stuck her own nose in my lineage I owe her my own turn doing the “nosy neighbor” bit.

So… WE. FINALLY. HAD. THE. WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There were a lot of people at the wedding and the following reception. I met my uncle Cifer. He seems to be everything Kasimira said he is. Still, he is my uncle, and I think that, while he’s resigned himself to his…particular method of “bettering” the multiverse, it’s made him a very lonely person underneath, and I feel his pain. Literally. Since I’m pretty sure he’ll stick his nose in my business or not based on his own agenda without any bearing on whether or not I avoid him, I see no point in trying to do so. So, for better or worse, I intend for us to be family with all of the awkward, cumbersome, and wonderful emotional ties that go with it. I think that, deep down, Great-Great Grandmother Kasimira feels the same way about her brother. It’s just that his constant medaling drives her crazy. Well, we’ll see if I can endure it.

Now if I can just figure out how to take care of that witch Piper, we’ll be all set. A while back, Princess Solace tried to set Knox up with one of her brood in order to claim his rather interesting genetic heritage for herself, and of course to link The Sphere to Amber through his sister Zarurra’s connection to King Julius. This didn’t work out in the slightest, and the two parties parted amicably enough. But then that little bitch Piper went and stuck her foot into it. She invited the poor woman to spend time with Knox on their diplomatic mission to chaos, because he really wanted her to, he was just either too shy to say so himself, or else playing hard to get. So, she tagged along, and, of course, has been somewhat miffed at the lack of attention her supposed “date” has been showing her. Meanwhile, Knox didn’t have a clue since he hadn’t even been involved. Now, instead of an amicable parting, she’s becoming obsessed over what she can’t have, and every time Knox tries to let her down gently, Piper steps in and eggs her on some more! Stupid bitch!! What’s worse, since Knox is functioning as Eureka’s obstetrician, and since she is naturally clingy, Eureka is becoming the target of the poor woman’s jealous rages. Since I have allowed Lorellai to bind me to Eureka’s protection, and since outside intervention is clearly needed in this situation, I’m going to have to deal with Miss. Jealous Super-Chick before she hurts Eureka and starts a war between The Vale and The Rahnian Sphere that will probably pull in Amber and The Courts of Chaos as well. AND I’m going to have to figure out a way to keep Piper away from the two of them so she doesn’t screw it back up if I actually do manage a fix. ARGH!!! I’d like to just drop her into The Abyss , but then she’d probably just come back an Abyss creature, and then she’d be everywhere screwing up all of creation all at once instead of doing it one situation at a time. I did say “Argh!” right? Just in case, I’ll say it again: ARGH!!! We really don’t need this s@#$t right now!!



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