Red Headed league

Big Fat Chaotic Wedding...

So I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of this diplomatic business, which probably means that I’m about to fall flat on my face. Now if I can just marry my soul mate to another woman without anyone getting killed/kidnapped/seriously maimed etc. I have the munchies all the time now, guess I’m having wedding sympathy cravings, and even more tired (perhaps shadow travel lag). And the planning and executing parts of this fiasco would go a lot simpler if Julius and I did not have to always be with Ratatos. I understand her anxiety. I want her to be happy and comfortable. Goddess help me, I really have begun to care for Rat. I don’t know what that means, but something my mom told me along time ago if it feel right and is too confusing to think about go with it and figure it all out later. I’ve started to rely on Fritz and Darix more and more. I think somewhere along the way I’ve even come to trust and care about Fritz. I mean after the most recent assasination attempt and he was hurt I didn’t even think about it I just offered my arm up for lunch, what was I thinking. Wow my lifes not complicated at all.

Fox was able to explain something to me that I had failed to realize and now I know I have to be even more careful what I say or do, not that I was all willy-nilly about it before hand. What she fails to realize is that though she may be connected to and wield a greater level of control over the Way, she is very young and naive about most other things. She is the Prince Philip of our entourage, we get around people and I just want to put duct tape on her mouth. She reveals things to strangers or where there are big ears without a single moments hesitation. I mean she understands it to be the truth and can’t comprehend that sometimes what our enemy doesn’t know can’t hurt us. Perhaps in time she too will learn the social skills it took me awhile to grasp.

We’ve manage to most likely gain a powerful group of allies, making the tactical position that we’ve been in looking from “Yay, right!” to “We’re going to need a bigger boat”. Maybe we should Shadow walk and find a foresty shadow with some Ewoks then we can guarantee victory. Now I have to rely on a Knight of Harmony and Darix to convince that wench Llewela to ally with us. If we can make Caine not crazy or at least direct him at the enemy that would be great. Ahhh I so much to do and so little time to do it all in. I need to talk with Julius and see how his talk with Gerard went, I need to find out if Benedict is on board. This is almost overwhelming but I’ve learned delegation. I just need more trust worthy people to delegate to, my family is great, Darix as always a ray of light that keeps things light, Fritz is amazingly capable and good with colors. I weep inside a little for Nicadimous, though he died an honorable death, I haven’t had the opportunity to go back to his people and tell them his fate so that he can be honored properly. Its hard to believe that its been a year (give or take shadow time flux) since I left my beautiful Arbor on a simple genealogical research journey. Now I’m soulmated to Julius, whom I’ve had a crush on since puberty. I’m the Head Advisor/personal bodyguard/wedding planner (who knows what else by the time we’re done) to the King and (Future Queen) of Amber, I’m caught up in a war on at least 3 or more fronts, parts of which I started. The more people try to kill the better job I feel I’m doing. Surprisingly my sister’s new boyfriend has come in handy. Though he’s dream shaman/druid like I know there is more to Pat than meets the eye, I just know he had my back when I desperately needed it and he makes my sister happy. I just can’t help but feel a little jealous of my sister. She gets to have normal relationship while I have anything but. Though I know beyond any shadow of any doubt Julius loves me, I have to hope and wonder if that will be enough. Well I should go and give Julius a break from Rat-sitting.

Zarurra Mychaels.



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