Red Headed league

~The Family We Choose~

Another scene from the Royal Love Triangle of Amber...

While Zarurra is holding Ratatos and rocking her “Shhh sweetie, things will be alright. I can’t promise nothing will happen, but I can promise that Julius and I will be right here with you. I need to know what you want though, for the wedding, regardless of what is tradition. Here we’ll only do what you want, its your day.” Zarurra kisses the top of her forehead reassuringly

Rat weeps suddenly harder, After a few moments of anguished wails she will bluster ” I-Its N-not fa-a-air, Y-you ha-a-ave to Gi-i-ive up ev-vre-y-thin-ing ! I-I’m no-ot wo-o-orth I-it…”

Zarurra hugs her tighter “Rat the truth is not everything is fair. I’m not really giving up anything if you think about it. Unless you plan to separate me from Julius. You get to marry someone you care about and cares about you in return. You get to be Queen of Amber and you gain another friend, me. I get to stay with the man I love, care and protect one his loved ones and I get to help you guys with most state of affairs. You both get someone you trust to help advise you and do things for you. And you get to be 1st in this aspect. You get a big grand public ceremony where you get claimed by the most wonderful, handsome, and caring man in the verse. And though I don’t know everything about you, I honestly believe you’re worth it.”

She looks up at Zarurra eyes watering ” I love you.” she whispers and kisses Zarurra hard

Zarurra is totally surprised and melts into the kiss naturally without thinking about it. Once Rat relaxes she will pull back and blushes thinks of Julius and feels guilty“Um…wow…uh…I’ve never…” hugs Rat reassuringly “Um…uh.”

She beams at Zarurra like the sun “Now is the part where you say you love me too and everything will be ok.” She grins impishly and kisses you again

Zarurra melts into the kiss once again and focuses as much as she can on Julius to get his attention

Ratatos whispers ” I just need to have some contact, some touch, some release from someone that doesn’t want me to kill or want to kill me…” Rat kisses her more passionately on her lips and eyelids and earlobes

“Yes… Um…Zarurra, what….?” Says Julius in Zarurra’s mind

She says to Ratatos while nuzzling “I She swallows..understand that, don’t take this wrong, I’ve never been with anyone but Julius…ever.” Zarurra does not push her away though

Zarurra sends to Julius to show him whats going on lets him feel the uncertainty and empathy “is…this…o..k..??? help?!”

Julius sighs heavily ” Ok, lets talk this over” he says and motions his hand. Zarurra suddenly find herself in “their” bedroom in Amber (the royal bedroom) Standing with Julius. He takes her in his arms and kisses her. And then plops down with Zarurra on his lap in one of the big red velvet chairs in front of the fire. A huge wash of calm falls over her.

“Ok, What do we want to do here?” He starts. “I certainly can’t in good conscious tell you not to sleep with other people if I’m not going to be “true” to you.”

Zarurra leans her head on his shoulder “Its not that I want to sleep with other people…I just feel her pain and want to comfort her.I feel the overwhelming need to protect and comfort those around me lately, maybe its part of my “aspect” coming to fruition. Its just this whole marriage-betrothal thing has gotten really complicated. I don’t understand whats going on.”

Julius sighs “Well, From one point of view it would make this easier us to do this… sleeping with Rat together. It would be better as a team. We wouldn’t be seperated. But how do you feel about that?.... How do I feel about that?” Julius ponders aloud.

“Seriously Z.” he says holding Zarurra,” If we do this, we let her in with us, maybe not as closely as we two, but she will be part of our Family. Can we do that? Do you want to?”

Zarurra sighs heavily “Julius I don’t think the poor girl has ever had a real family, not like you or I know. Maybe this is what is suppose to happen. I don’t know how to go about this, I just know what I feel, Slightly frustrated this is one of the reasons I had originally decided to be a virgin for my entire life. I’m just confused and out of my element. But how do you feel about her? I need to know.”

“I Love Rat. I care about her deeply. And no, she has never had what we had as a family. But I am not IN love with her. I’m attracted to her, Yes. But I am YOURS. You are what I want in my life. You are the other half of my soul. And If we take Rat into our lives, into our family, she has to understand that.” He nuzzles your neck. “How do YOU feel about her?” He says almost hesitantly.

Zarurra thinks for a moment. “I’m glad you care about her. She understands that you and I are together and that will not be changing. She just has never NOT been used by people, I don’t think. And that makes me angry. I care about her. I’m not IN love with her. I don’t know if I love her…but I trust her. I don’t want her hurt and I want her to smile and be happy. She’s nice when she’s relaxed and happy. And she is the only one I would absolutely trust to take care of you should something happen to me. I’ve never thought about a woman or well anyone in a romantic fashion but you. And even then it was girlish fantasy on my part. When she kissed me it didn’t feel wrong. But I absolutely love you, am in love with you, and am perfectly happy with you. But she is helping us tremendously by marrying you and aiding us, I would not have us use her just to make a political alliance. So I say let us gain that alliance and let her gain a family she can love and trust openly with. Can we do this? Yes. Should we? I’m not sure. I suggested you marry her though it did pain me b/c I didn’t want to have to take a backseat in your life but it was the right thing to do. She absolutely loves you. There are very few people who I can say we absolutely trust, she has sworn to protect us and our children until death that makes her family already in my eyes. I think that if we make this a loving gesture then it will be easier on all of us. I would not want to be separated from you and let you feel the pain and heartbreak I would feel, should I feel the pleasure you would take with her and have that in turn cause you heartache. Oh what tangled webs we weave…what do you think, sweetheart?”

He runs his fingers up and down her back for a moment. sitting with Zarurra in a tenative silence.

Finally Julius responds...

“I think I better go find somewhere private to sit down if your going to have an orgasm. I will feel it you know.” He grins sheepishly at her.

Zarurra blushes deeply “I love you. I would be lost without you. At least I know that you will know that you are in my heart and mind…I suppose I should get back now…not sure how this worked and we don’t need her freaking out.”

“Not much time will have passed” He says smiling at her. He kisses Zarurra deeply as they fade apart. His lips somewhere in the transition are replaced with Ratatos’s lips. And apparently enough time has passed for her to have undone the ties on Zarurra’s shirt and slipped her hands beneath.

Zarurra softly moans “Goddess help us…” Then Zarurra will let Ratatos “drive” and show Ratatos unconditional, yet naive, above all a trusting love




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